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Jeremy Chernick

Designer / Project manager / Pyrotechnician

JEREMY CHERNICK designs and creates special effects and creative theatrical moments. Working with J&M Special Effects since 2006, his work has been featured in over 50 Broadway productions and over 200 theatrical productions worldwide. Some of his clients include The Walt Disney Company, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Time Warner, Universal Studios, Cirque Du Soleil, and many more. He works on theatrical productions, live events, concerts, permanent and temporary museum installations, music videos, TV, film, photo shoots, & special events.

From eye-popping stage effects and magic to minimalist and subtle moments, Jeremy has become an industry leader in seamlessly incorporating special effects into productions, using both the most robust and innovative technologies, as well as, the oldest simplest tricks in the book. Regardless of the scale of the project Jeremy understands and works within the most stringent industry safety standards.

J&M Staff

Gregory Meeh
President / Chief Designer / Pyrotechnician

Allison Aaron
Business Manager / Pyrotechnician

Jeremy Chernick
Designer / Project Manager / Pyrotechnician

Bohdan Bushell
Production Coordinator / Pyrotechnician

Luis Solis
Glass Maker / Shop Technician

Andrew Flowers
Production Coordinator / Pyrotechnician

George Fernandez
Special Effects Technician / Pyrotechnician

Jeff Moratti
Production Coordinator / Pyrotechnician

Jarrod Ivey
Shop Concierge / Pyrotechnician

Crystal Manuel
Project Coordinator / Pyrotechnician

Michele Rodriguez
Administrative Assistant / Pyrotechnician

Simon Cleveland
Production Coordinator

Karl Thwaites
Special Effects Technician / Pyrotechnician

Tom Tracey
Special Effects Technician / Pyrotechnician

Molly "Moo Moo"
MOO (Motivational Operations Officer)