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Bohdan Bushell

Production Coordinator / Pyrotechnician

Bohdan is a Production Coordinator for J&M where he has worked in various capacities. He came to the entertainment industry to earn a living while in college getting a BA in History from SUNY College at Purchase and turned his vocation into a career. He has been a Technical Director, Production Manager and General Manager in many areas of entertainment—legit theater, TV, touring dance and multi-media shows internationally, museum installations on two continents, union and non union scene shops, theme parks and special events for almost 25 years.

Integrating an artist or designer's vision into the practical production of an event or object has been the focus of his work with Greg Meeh, Laurie Anderson, Blue Man Group and many others. He is now a licensed pyrotechnician whose recent focus has been on growing J&M into a mature stable organization and managing the associated changes to comply with the changes in the industry and the law. He is a member of PGI, on the advisory board of the National Dance Institute, holds an E18 (Pyro A) Certificate from the FDNY. Recently he has participated in lectures and seminars at LDI, for various Colleges and Universities, and for the trade. He uses his knowledge of Federal Explosives and Firearms law, New York City and NY State and NFPA Codes for Flame Effects, Pyrotechnics and Explosives, NYC Firearms Regulations regularly to figure out how to best legally and safely provide the client their desired effects.

When J&M moved next to the scenic Gowanus Canal, he thought that would mean getting a boat and indulging in his passion for sailing. He is still waiting for the right tide and the draw bridge to work.

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Bohdan Bushell
Production Coordinator / Pyrotechnician

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