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Allison Aaron

Partner / President / Business Manager / NYS & City Pyrotechnician

Allison is a real Southern Belle. Originally from Alabama but hungry to see the rest of the world, she left the South to tour with the National Shakespeare Company and Dancing on Common Ground. In 2001 Allison moved to New York where she worked as a Stage Manager, Electrician, and Production Manager in a variety performing arts venues. In 2004 she began at J&M as an office assistant and due to her astounding managerial skills (a combination of mothering and bossiness) she worked her way up through the ranks to become the business manager and now she is one of the partners and president. 

J&M Staff

Gregory Meeh

Allison Aaron
Partner / President / Business Manager / NYS & NYC Pyrotechnician

Jeremy Chernick
Partner / Designer / Pyrotechnician

Bohdan Bushell
Production Coordinator / Pyrotechnician

Andrew Flowers
Production Coordinator / Pyrotechnician

George Fernandez
Special Effects Technician / Pyrotechnician

Jeff Moratti
Production Coordinator / Pyrotechnician

Crystal Manuel
Project Coordinator / Pyrotechnician

Simon Cleveland
Production Coordinator / Pyrotechnician

Tom Tracey
Special Effects Technician / Pyrotechnician

Molly "Moo Moo"
MOO (Motivational Operations Officer)

Katia Carmichael
Design Associate

Jenny Harris
Office Assistant