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Modern production equipment depends on electricity, which inherently adds the potential danger of electric shock whenever personnel come in close contact with these electrical devices, especially in or around water. The hazard comes from potential ground fault or the presence of ground leakage current. This condition can exist when current flows unintentionally between an active conductor (like an unplugged cable or water saturated connection) and a ground. The danger becomes apparent when a person either touches an active conductor or comes in contact with exposed conductive parts or liquid. Use these units to protect your studio or set from the dangers of electrocution. The Bender Lifeguard series of GFCIs extend the capability of standard ground fault circuit interruptors to the detection of ground leakage currents in all stages of power conversion and distribution equipment from simple rectifiers to sophisticated variable frequency drives and brushless DC motor controllers extending from pure DC into the low kHz range. J&M carries a wide variety of GFCI devices to suit your electrical needs, from 110vac units to 250amp 3 phase units!

Power Capabilities

15 amp 110vac duplex Edison box, 15 amp 110vac triple Edison unit, 120vac 100amp w/ Bates, 100amp 3phase w/ Camloc, 250amp 3phase w/ Camloc,