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Our High Pressure Mist - MeeFog system can be used as a medium to modify the visual and tactile aspects of the ambient environment. Theatrically, it can add dimension and impact to a design or be used to highlight other design elements. Also good for a cooling system at outdoor events this popular system consists of a pumping station, high pressure hoses, and mist bars of various lengths. The system requires a minimum of 40psi inlet water pressure. Talk to a J&M Production Coordinator or sales person about what you would like to accomplish and they will spec a system that’s right for you.


Bullet nozzle filters, nozzles, and sub micron inlet filters


Mee fog nozzles and flexible head extensions, bars rings or custom configurations, L6-20 power distro, flexible head extensions, mist bars, GFCI electrical protection, inlet pressure building pump, hoses, valves, filters, and manifolds

Power Requirements

208vac single phase power (L6-20 plug), 110vac for cueing control

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