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This kit contains a variety of adapters J&M has found to be useful when hooking up to different water sources and adapting systems. The kit also includes a Siamese valve that gives you the capability to split a 2-1/2” feed into (2) 1-1/2” lines with independent control. Great for small rain setups or wet downs

Kit Includes

(1) Hose adapter Siamese – 2-½” FDNY female x (2) 1-½” NH male (2) Hose Adapters 1-½” NH female X 1-½” FDNY male (1) Hose Adapter 2-½” FDNY female to ¾” in garden hose male (1) Hose Adapter 2-½” NY Corp female X 2-½” FDNY male (1) Hose Adapter 1-½” NH female X 1-½” Cam & Groove male (1) Hose Adapter 2-½” NH female X 1-½” FDNY male (1) Hose Adapter 1-½” FDNY x ¾” quick disconnect male (1) Hose adapter ¾” in quick disconnect female to garden hose male


NYC Compliant 2" RPZ, Hydrant Wrench Kit, extra Fire hose, 1-1/2" FDNY Turbo Jet nozzle