Rain Tower

For large rain effects when you need to cover a sizable area use one or several of our 20’ rain towers.

Rain Bars

Tried and true, these rain bars have created award winning Broadway Rain again and again.

Water Weirs - Waterfalls

J&M has a wide variety of Water Weirs and Waterfalls that can be used to create a variety of falling water effects, from a clear sheet to a raging torrent.

Rain Wand Kit

For small effects where you need a flexible, mobile solution, this rain wand is basically a hand held mini rain tower!

High Pressure Mist - MeeFog

Our High Pressure Mist - MeeFog system can be used as a medium to modify the visual and tactile aspects of the ambient environment.

Hydrant Wrench Kit

J&M’s Hydrant wrench kit includes 5 specialty wrenches needed to operate most hydrants and make fire hose connections.

Wet Down Kit

Every production needs that wet, glistening, just rained, NY City Street shot and J&M has got what you need to make it happen anywhere in the city.

Magnetic Hydrant Wrench

The J&M magnetic hydrant wrench is custom-made to fit hydrants with a magnetically protected security nut.

Water screen

Need a unique new medium to project your edgy images on? What about a screen made entirely of rain drops!!! Beautify luminescent, the rain screen works well with both front and rear projections.


Modern production equipment depends on electricity, which inherently adds the potential danger of electric shock whenever personnel come in close contact with these electrical devices, especially in o

Water Containment

We provide a wide variety of water containment units to suit any and all of your needs. Perfect for photo shoots, commercials, and live events.

Plexi Tank 7 ft X 4 ft X 4 ft Deep

Plexi Glass Tank that is 7 ft Long X 4 ft Wide X 4 ft Deep. It holds approximately 840 gallons of water. Empty the tank weights approximately 1,600 lbs.


J&M has a wide variety of pumps to help facilitate any water or liquid effect you might need to create.

Water Heating

J&M has a wide variety of water heating equipment to best suit your needs.


J&M has a wide variety of hoses and connectors to suite all your water effect needs. We can also provide the right lengths and sizes when building a complete water effect system.

Shower Heads

Need a shower scene to look it's best? Do we have the head for you. Call us and we'll set you up.

Hose Adapter Kit

This kit contains a variety of adapters J&M has found to be useful when hooking up to different water sources and adapting systems.