LPG & Open Flame

Flame Bars

J&M carries a wide variety of flame bars of different shapes and sizes to create whatever size flame is needed. If we don't have the right one we'll build one to meet the need.

Butane Torches

Ideal for theatrical and stage applications. Years of research and development have gone into making these torches some of the best on the market.

Le Torcia

The Le Torcia is a breakthrough for on stage Torch needs in the Entertainment Industry.


As the saying goes, "Never settle with words what you can accomplish with a flame-thrower." Too true, and J&M's got one! Sometimes it’s just the only solution.

Salamander Canister Flame Effect

Salamander is a great canister-based flame effect. Single continuous flames or flame balls – are fired up to 10ft in height from a single unit.

FireFly Kit

The Fire Fly mini propane flame unit is great for applications that require a real flame effect.

Propane Bunker

The FDNY Explosive Unit (NYC Authority Having Jurisdiction) requires that 20lb propane tanks be held inside of these heavy duty bunkers while being stored and used for effects.

Bum Barrel

This 55 Gallon steel drum has been custom rigged with an internal flame bar to give you that classic back alley flaming barrel look.

GAM Torch

GAM torch produces up to 16 inches of real flame from solid GAM fuel pellets, relatively smokeless and odorless, GAM torch is non-toxic, and clean burning.

Flame Mortars

Need a rolling mushroom cloud of fire? J&M has flame mortars in many sizes to give you just that!

Pyro Road Box/Safety Kit

Safety first and Safety last!