Big Shot Confetti Cannon

Big Shots® are double barrel confetti cannons which provide a onetime “blast” of confetti or streamers.

Confetti Mini Blaster

The Mini Blaster™ is a smaller version of the Big Blaster™ and is a continuous feed confetti distribution device.


The ShotMax™ can shoot product out simultaneously and continuously as fast as you can feed it (confetti stacks shoot thickest and farthest) to approximately 25' (7.62m). Simple and uncomplicated.

CO2 Confetti Blaster

The CO2 Confetti Blaster or Big BlasterT is a continuous feed confetti distribution device for large venues such as stadiums, arenas, concert halls, or large outdoor events.

Artistry in Motion Silent Storm

Silent Storm® Confetti Spreaders provide a continuous flow of confetti at the desired rate over the selected time frame without operator attention.

Super Shotmax

Super ShotMax has virtually continuous output without CO2 or loud bangs. You will be astounded at the volume of continuous confetti or streamers blast up over 25' high and up to a 35' distance!

Confetti Tumbler

Available in linkable 5' sections, Confetti Tumblers are ideal for a steady stream of confetti.

Confetti Cannon - Quick Shot Disposable

Perfect for your next party or event these preloaded confetti canisters operate with a quick twist of the base and produce a shower of confetti and/or streamers.

Hand Held Confetti Cannon

The Reusable Handheld Cannon provides a one time, manually fired, blast of confetti or streamers (or both). It is very simple to operate and works well for parties, weddings or other special events.

Assorted Confetti & streamers

J&M has a large variety of confetti in stock and ready for your event!

Confetti & Streamers 9" & 14" Flick Sticks

9" Tubes wrapped with silver holographic film and filled with streamers & 14" Tubes filled with confetti.

Tee Shirt Gun

At just under 7 lbs, our tee-shirt gun shoots to the top deck of most arenas and stadiums.