Fog, Haze & Smoke

Viper II

The Viper II (or NT) is a very powerful fog generator. It unites the current digital technology with proven technique and power.

Viper S

The Viper S is made for smaller stages and Clubs. Due to its compact design and light weight, the machine can also be assembled for mobile use.

Le Maitre GForce 3

The most powerful unit in the GForce range with smoke output at 51000cbm/hr, it also has inbuilt DMX and settings can be stored for instant recall on power-up.

DF-50 Diffusion Hazer

The DF-50 Diffusion Hazer is the cleanest, most cost effective atmospheric haze machine available in the market today. Fluid use is less than 2 ounces an hour!

Unique Hazer

With its variable output, and featured DMX control, the Unique Hazer has become the new industry favorite when it comes to haze machines.

Tiny S

The Tiny S is the latest version of the successful Tiny series. In addition to the fluid reservoir also the battery can now be screwed directly into the machine.

Tiny CX

The Tiny CX is a handy, compact battery-driven fog generator. Its easy handling and quick start-up is outstanding.

Tiny F07 Fogger

The TINY F07 is the modified successor of the Tiny-Fogger. The design and also some components have been changed:

Tiny FX

The Tiny FX is the latest, modified version of the successful Tiny series.

Artem Exterior Fogger

The Artem Fogger is the ideal smoke machine for exterior locations where electricity is not available.

Ultra Handy Fogger

The Ultra Handy Fogger from Ultratec is a great new hand held fog generator.

Chauvet Vesuvio RGBA

Vesuvio RGBA combines the ferocious intensity of a towering fog output with the visual impact of color mixed LED wash lighting to create dramatic atmospheric columns.

Lawn Fogger

The most mobile Thermo Fogger available. It's no longer necessary to lift and carry equipment. Perfect for indoor and outdoor smoke and fog special effects.

Tube of Death

This Hollywood classic is great for providing well dispersed haze or fog along a tree line, behind a ground row or to a remote location on your set.

Smoke Cartridge

Regin Smoke Cartridges come in red, green, blue, yellow, orange and grey. We sell 3 and 4 minute versions of this product. They are meant for exterior use.

Cryo Jet

The CO2 jet is a cryogenic effect system capable of making plumes of cryo fog up to 20 feet high. Incorporating Sigma's own cryo valve #CHP-V, the effect is very reliable and repeatable.

LED Cryo Jet

Light it up while keeping things cool with this LED CO2 unit! This unit can be controlled by a DMX 512 controller, one CO2 tank is needed per CO2 Jet.

"LSG" Low Smoke Generator

When you need to produce a dramatic and powerful fog effect, the Le Maitre LSG is ""The Real Thing"".

JEM Glaciator X-Stream

The Jem Glaciator X-Stream creates a total ground fog effect from a self-contained unit.

Antari - Low Fog Machine

This revolutionary machine is the first of its kind.

Cryo Fogger

The Cryo-Fog is a powerful 2200 Watt low fog machine. The Cryo-Fog is a fog generator, a fan and a cooling chamber built into a compact flightcase


The Peasouper is your professional, cost-effective solution for creating spectacular low-lying fog effects.

Dry Ice Fogger 110v

This is a Dry Ice Fogger. It uses 50 - 80 lbs of Dry Ice for approximately 20 minutes of low lying fog.

SS 6000 Dry Ice Fogger 220v

The SS6000 DRY ICE FOGGER uses dry ice to produce a thick low-lying fog. The durable stainless steel tank holds water that is heated by two 3000-watt heating elements.

Portable Dry Fogger LN2

This single-output Dry Fogger® is suitable for ground fog, small fog curtains, or small multiple-output fog systems.

Steam Generator with Accessories

For that gritty NY feel, nothing sells your scene like steam wafting out of the nearest manhole cover or billowing out of somewhere at the end of the alley.

Liquid Nitrogen and 35 Liter LN2 Dewar

Liquid Nitrogen, the key component of everyone’s favorite science project! J&M can hook you up with this very cool (sorry couldn't resist) stuff.

Dewar Muffler

Our Dewar Mufflers are used with the Cryo Jets and LSG's. They are set to 300psi and connect to the CGA 320 “Gas” outlet fitting on the Dewar thus safely preempting the pressure relief on the tank.

Perfect Hairspray

Perfect Hairspray is the same as the Fantasy FX spray but with a label that was created to suit the musical production of Hairspray.

Fantasy FX

A portable and inexpensive alternative to fog or haze machines, creating beams of light or the appearance of hot steam or smoke, Fantasy FX can safely add a dreamy (or eerie) even atmosphere to a room

ESTA & AEA Fog Testing Kit

Testing of theatrical smoke and haze

MDG Atmospheres

For creating a long lasting haze to enhance your lighting effects, the ATMOSPHERE APS range is the ultimate in silence and efficiency.