Snow Machines

Silent Storm Snow Machine

Le Maitre´s Silent Storm is a remarkably quiet snow machine with built-in 2-channel DMX for both fan speed and flow control.

ProShowmaker - Snow Shaker Box

A Showmaker is a unique, patented machine which is easily hung over a window display, theatrical stage, Christmas tree, dance floor or just about anywhere indoors.

Antari S-500 Snow Machine

Its main body and 20-Liter fluid tank are placed inside a road case with wheels. The nozzle is connected by a 10-meter long hose and it can be easily rigged on a stand or truss.

Snow Tumblers

Available in linkable 5' or 10’ sections this item is ideal for stage applications where limited hanging space is available.

Snow Candle

For delicate falling flakes that travel gently on the breeze this product is an Industry favorite.

Snow Roller

The Snow Roller is operated via a variable speed motor that is connected to the housing of the roller. Each roller has an internal brush system that pushes out the perishables.