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The Turbo Fan is a heavy duty stainless steel constructed machine that is, quiet, durable and powerful. It incorporates a ratchet, positive locking positioning base for quick and easy use. It comes with a built-in variable speed control and can also be controlled by an optional DMX/W-DMX with RDM mode interface for powerful, fast and secure control.  The dual voltage selector switch allows operation in either 110V/220V making it very versatile.

The directional air flow rate of 2500 CFM @ velocity of 1800 ft./min with 1600 RPM blade speed at full output produces a sound level of 70dB which is the equivalent to medium sized residential vacuum cleaner.

The reversible feature allows the Turbo Fan to provide focused directional air flow (which is the direction used when operating the Turbo Fan with its Snow Machine accessory) or reverse rotation for wide span dispersion of air.

The optional Snow Machine accessory can distribute snow up to 60+ feet making it one of the most powerful Snow Machines available in the market.