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Need to create a wind storm, tornado, or just "blow someone away?" For power and effect, this is your wind machine. With a 50” prop diameter and variable speed, this machine is excellent at moving large volumes of air at low or high speeds.

Fan's wind specs at full capacity

  • 0' 40mph 51" column
  • 5' 35mph 47" column
  • 10' 28mph 58" column
  • 15' 27mph 74" column
  • 25' 20mph 100" column

This fan is 56"L X 29"W X 68"T and weighs roughly 500 LBS. Ask your J&M sales person about J&M delivery and operation options.

  • Power Requirements 230V 3-phase 14.4 Amps
  • Accessories 100amp GFCI, cam-loc Tee set, Banded 5wire cam-loc feeder cable, wheel chocks

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