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Need to create a wind storm, tornado, or just "blow someone away?" For maximum power and effect, this is your dream wind machine. With a 60” prop diameter and variable speed, this machine is excellent at moving large volumes of air at low or high speeds. On its highest setting this fan will put out 50mph winds at 5' distance, 45mph winds at 10' distance and 25mph winds at 20' distance. The wind column is 8'-10' wide at 20' distance. The unit travels on a steerable 3 wheel trailer and once parked is adjustable in a 360 degree pan radius, and tiltable from 25 degrees below horizontal to vertical! It’s a big fan and needs a lot of space for transport: 88”minimum vertical clearance with a 74” wide wheel base. We recommend a truck with 7’ 2” (H) X 6’ (W) minimum interior with 5’ 5" minimum flat lift-gate rated for at least 1,200 pounds. Ask your J&M sales person about J&M delivery and operation options.

Power Requirements

60 amps three phase w/ 5 wire cam-loc connectors (ground and neutral reversed)


100amp GFCI, cam-loc Tee set, Banded 5wire cam-loc feeder cable, wheel chocks

In-Use Image

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