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The Silent Storm is a quiet snow machine with built-in 2-channel DMX for both fan speed and flow control. The unit is capable of producing a range of flake sizes and densities over an area of 20’ x 4’ in still conditions. Mount a fan like the REII next to the unit to more widely distribute the flake pattern and you can create blizzard conditions at the flick of a switch! The Silent Storm boasts 70% more output than its predecessor and is taking the snow machine market by storm (silently we might add).


True North Snow Fluid & Ultimate Extra Dry Snow Fluid

Power Requirements

9 amps AC @ 110 volts @ 60 hz

Kit Includes

Silent Storm, Manual Remote, Truss Hanging Bracket, and Clamp


AF-1 Jem Fan, Bowens Jet Stream fan, RE II fan, DMX Pocket Console

In-Use Image

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