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Salamander is a great canister-based flame effect. Single continuous flames or flame balls – are fired up to 10ft in height from a single unit. The compact footprint has been designed to allow up to four units to be coupled together to produce a single flame up to 20ft (or 4 individual 10ft flames). Multiple colours – natural, green and red – can be used to make a flexible and creative effect. A unique firing system eliminates internal valves and accumulators – gas never remains in the system once the canister has been removed. Control & Programming

  • On-board control panel
  • 3-digit display
  • x5 LEDs
  • x4 Multi-function buttons
  • Control is via 2 channel DMX 512
  • DMX data filter – in case of noisy DMX environments (can be disabled)
  • Tilt switch – unit is disabled if tilted beyond 40 degrees (can be disabled)
  • Front & rear fixing points (M6 rivet bushes)


  • Flames up to 10ft from a single unit
  • Flames up to 20ft when 4 units coupled together
  • 30 seconds continuous flame per canister
  • 50 fire balls per flame canister
  • Hot surface flame ignition provides a reliable ignition method
  • Natural canister use a propane/butane mix
  • Red and green canisters use an ethanol/methanol mix