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Safety first and Safety last! Anytime you're dealing with fire or pyrotechnics it is important to have the right gear on hand to control the effects you're doing and answer the call if an accident happens. J&M's Pyro Road Box kit is a basic compliment of equipment for any Pyro effect. The kit travels in a durable road box that will hold all your safety equipment in a central easy to find location. Talk to a J&M Pyrotechnician about what additional equipment may be needed for your effect and the required permitting needs. (Please note, any use of flame or pyrotechnics without the approval of the local Authority Having Jurisdiction is dangerous and unlawful and will subject your equipment to confiscation)

Kit Includes: Road Box, (1) 20# CO2 Fire Extinguisher, (1) 2.5Gal Pressurized Water Extinguisher, Fire Blanket, Small Burn kit, Small lockable Flammables cabinet.


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