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Super ShotMax has virtually continuous output without CO2 or loud bangs. You will be astounded at the volume of continuous confetti or streamers blast up over 25' high and up to a 35' distance! As an added effect, Snobiz® falling snow flakes create a virtual white-out…or you can mix with confetti for a wedding extravaganza. By keeping the fan working, the 3 funnels of air continuously push the confetti back up and keep them spinning for much longer fun at half the cost.

Weight Machine: 50 lbs

Size: 24 in X 24.5 in X 46.5 in

Wind Speed: 3 Speeds

Fan Outlet Opening: 5 in X 19 in

Motor: 1 hp

Color: Black

Positioning: 90 degrees and 45 degrees to horizontal

Electrical Supply: 120 vac, 13 amps, 60 Hz