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Big Shots® are double barrel confetti cannons which provide a onetime “blast” of confetti or streamers. They shoot confetti and streamers of all sizes from 20-80 feet (depending on the set pressure and variety of product). The Big Shots® coverage is increased by it two independently focusable barrels. The units can be fired from ground level or mounted from a truss or ledge to achieve different effects and cover different areas. Big Shots® work best with “sleeves” of confetti or streamers. Each barrel can hold two sleeves (thus a max of 4 sleeves per cannon/per shot) and they can be mixed — one sleeve of confetti and one sleeve of streamers for various looks. Talk to J&M customer service provider or project coordinator about the effect you’re trying to achieve and they will help you put together a system that’s right for you and your budget! The Big Shots® launch confetti through a sudden release of compressed air from the on-board accumulator tank which can be pressurized up to 120 psi. The units do not have a loud report like actual cannon, but do make a noisy “PSHHHHHHH!!” as they fire. If operating from a light console, the unit should be run with a non-dim circuit.

Weight and dimensions

50Lbs., 8” L X 16” W X 24” H


Confetti, Streamers, Back-pressure caps, lifting cups


Hanging Hardware, momentary switch, air compressor or bottled compressed gas (CO2 or N2)

Power Requirements

2amps @ 110vac for cueing control