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Show Packages

Save on production costs with our show packages: ready-built effects for dozens of popular dramas, musicals and operas. And we can customize a package to meet your production’s specific needs — just give us a call!

12 Angry Men

Package includes: Switchblade (2), Case

A Streetcar Named Desire

Package includes: Breakaway Bottles


Package includes: Kitchen Knife (1), Kitchen Knife retractable (2) with special features to allow knife to stay in victim

An Inspector Calls

Package includes: Full stage rain effect, includes heated water, auto fill reservoir, distribution of water over stage, Full stage Mist effect, Steam from the stage as it dries in the sun. Add on features include: anti-drip pipes and advice on rain collection systems for your stage, water recycling options.

Annie Get Your Gun

Package includes: "Old West" revolver, blanked out for stage use, Firing, "Old West" holster with fake cartridges, Lever action repeating rifle, Firing, Knives for throwing act & trick knives for target, Breakaway Whiskey Bottles for shooting, Trigger lock and case FFL package


Package includes: Carcano Rifle & scope, Walther PPK type Pistol, Webley Mark IV Pistol, Ivor Johnson Top Break revolver, Derringer, Trigger locks and cases

Cyrano de Bergerac

Package includes: Period-appropriate arms- firing


Package includes: Jacobs ladder, Laboratory Effects

Jekyll & Hyde

Package includes: Pyrotechnic effects & explosions, lab table fire, fireplace loads, Portable gas bunkers with auto cut-off & gas sensors, Pyro firing system as needed

Julius Caesar

Package includes: Retractable Short-sword

Les Miserables

Package includes: Barricade Rifles, non-firing (6), Breech loading rifle, firing (2), Blank loads (25) metered to your productions needs


Package includes: Rustic Torches with real flames, butane powered (6), Cauldron flames, portable & set installed, Swords & scabbards (2), parrying daggers (3), Stage blood as needed

Man of La Mancha

Package includes: Corkscrew sword, Mirror Knight sword, retractable short sword, regular sword

Miss Saigon

Package includes: M-16 Period appropriate rifles (12), AK-47 Period appropriate rifles (24), Colt 1911 pistol, Firing (2), Trigger lock (2), Makarov replica, non firing (2), Colt 1911 pistol, replica, non firing (6), Colt 1911 holster & belt (7), Makarov holster (1), Slings for Rifles, (36), Lockable shipping & storage cases (9)

Pajama Game

Package includes: Throwing knives (4), Target trick knives (4), Desk trick knives (3)

Phantom of the Opera

Package includes: Le Mat Pistol as used on Broadway, Fires .32 cal blanks, Pyrotechnic explosions & effects

Singin' in the Rain

Package includes: Full stage rain effect, includes heated water, auto fill reservoir, distribution of water over stage

Sunset Boulevard

Package includes: Pistol blanked out for stage use, Chrome snub nose with ivory grips, .38 cal (2), Case & trigger locks (2), Blank ammunition metered to your size of house FFL package

Sweeney Todd

Package includes: Trick Razor (2), special razor (1), blood delivery system, case


Package includes: MP-40 Replica (2) non- firing (A Federal Firearms License-Type 3 is required for machine guns on full auto.), Pyro Effects for Pinball machine as needed by the production (no pinball machine)


Package includes: Percussion-cap type black powder arms (8)converted to fire .45 ACP blanks, no special license needed, these are not regulated arms, case, locks

West Side Story

Package includes: Jets retractable Knives (2), Sharks retractable Knives (2), Case (2), Saturday Night Special (1), blanks as needed

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Package includes: Umbrella Gun, breakaway glass bottles & glasses