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J&M has one of the largest registered pyrotechnic storage magazines in the New York area and a staff full of experts that can help you navigate the local regulations involved in adding pyrotechnics to your production. We stock hundreds of different types of pyrotechnic product and are a register dealer for multiple major manufactures so if we don’t have it we can get it for you. We also offer temporary registered storage of pyrotechnic product and can provide a secure local location for you to ship, receive, and store pyro for your show if you’re coming to town. Talk to a J&M Pyrotechnician about what you would like to do and the required permitting needs. (Please note, any use of flame or pyrotechnics without the approval of the local Authority Having Jurisdiction is dangerous and unlawful and will subject your equipment to confiscation)


Certified pyrotechnic operators, Fire extinguishers, Burn kits, Fire blankets, Fire control kits, FDNY, ATF, NY State registered and inspected magazines