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The Artem Fogger is the ideal smoke machine for exterior locations where electricity is not available. Popular with film crews on location this smoke gun has become the industry standard for quick atmospheric effects outside. Small, lightweight and easy to operate, the unit uses disposable aerosols of Butane fuel gas and smoke fluid to produce billowing clouds of white smoke. Featuring a piezoelectric ignition the smoke gun is incredibly straight forward to use. Simply screw in the canisters, pre-heat the stainless steel coil with the built in torch, and turn on the smoke. It's that easy. Its variable output can be regulated from a light wisps to a dense billowing fog. The unit is ideal for creating large volumes of smoke for applications such as fire training, disaster simulation training, location filming, and indeed any application where complete portability is a requirement. Unit is supplied in a metal carrying case.

Perishables (Sold Separately)

13oz. Isobutane canister, 13oz. Smoke Canister


Metal carrying case


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