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The SS6000 DRY ICE FOGGER uses dry ice to produce a thick low-lying fog. The durable stainless steel tank holds water that is heated by two 3000-watt heating elements. When the water has reached operating temperature, it is pumped via a plumbing system up into a chamber that holds dry ice. The reaction between the hot water and dry ice immediately forms a thick fog. A fan then blows the fog out to the stage through a duct hose. A standard glycol based fog machine can be used in conjunction with the unit to boost the effect body and duration.


Dry Ice, H2O


7” Mylar Hose, F100 fog machine, ¾” QD water hose, switch box

Power Requirements

Heaters - (2x) 220V single phase (L6-20 connectors), 13.6 amps Blower – 120V, 2.5 amp Pump- 120V, 1.5 amp

In-Use Image