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Edge Weapons

  • Knives Grouped

  • Accomplice Knife Set

  • Bayonet With Metal Sheath

  • Bayonet

  • Black Auto Knife

  • Bowie Knife

  • Eagle Head Knife

  • Fish Cleaning Knife

  • Folding Knives

  • Green Auto Knife

  • Hunting Knife

  • JMFX Microtech Retractable

  • Kitchen Knife with Brown Handle & 14in Blade

  • Long Bayonet With Metal Sheath

  • German Trench Knife with Sheath

  • Notched Retractable Blade

  • Retractable Short Sword

  • Rubber Knives

  • Silver Wrapped Dagger

  • Sog Knife

  • Sweeney Razors

  • Switchblades

  • Syringes

  • Bone Handle 4in Blade with Sheath

  • Wood Handle and Sheath

Important Legal Information

ATF Regulated Weapons are items that started as actual firearms under Federal Regulations and so are still treated as such under Federal Law despite modifications (if any) made to them so that they fire blanks. There are three classes of Regulated Weapons with different requirements:

NFA weapons (machine guns, sawed-off shotguns, silencers, etc.):

Dealers: Require a federal transfer (ATF form 3) between licensed NFA Class 3 Dealers. Once the NFA Fax transfer is approved by ATF, an invoice is issued showing the firearms serial numbers and descriptions. This can usually be done in 24 hours.

Non Dealers: In the event, the customer is not an NFA Dealer, a J&M Special Effects Gun Handler must accompany the firearm at all times when it is away from our licensed premise. (Gun Handlers are billed separately according to the location labor agreement).

A certificate of Insurance and a copy of the Notes on Theatrical Firearms use must be on file.