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The MicroFogger is the world’s most versatile special effects fog solution. It can produce a vast amount of non-toxic fog and is extremely portable – it can easily fit into your pocket which makes it ideal in situations where space is limited. The MicroFogger uses an internal battery which removes the need for an external power supply and allows you to complete a video shoot or performance without needing to recharge*. When you need to recharge it, simply plug it into a USB port using the included cable. Power can be adjusted using the two push buttons and the main button serves a a trigger for the release of smoke. Refilling the fog liquid tank is also easy, just unscrew the metal nozzle and fill the tank using the included dropper bottle. -MicroFogger -Spare heating coil -USB charging cable -Instruction manual download card -Dropper bottle (with 50ml of fog liquid if selected) Weight 0.3 kg Dimensions 9.1 × 4.3 × 5.8 cm Flow rate 2 CFM Battery life 45 minutes of continuous use Fog liquid tank capacity 2ml, equivalent to 4 mins of fog production Power Adjustable from 12 to 80 watts Fog liquid type Food grade vegetable glycerin Charging port Low-profile micro USB type B Max noise 55 decibels