Silent Storm® Confetti Spreaders provide a continuous flow of confetti at the desired rate over the selected time frame without operator attention. The units are whisper quiet and have a variable speed blower enabling the user to "dial in" the desired flow or show confetti effect. With a load capacity of 10-20 pounds depending on the model and materials, the Silent Storm® can deliver sustained confetti special effects, quietly and effortlessly, for up to 10 minutes, or more. The Silent Storm® can be rigged to ducting to deliver the confetti celebration effect in precisely the desired location. Whether mounted to a grid or rigged to a truss, the Silent Storm® provides a steady fall of show confetti to match any artistic intent. The Silent Storm® runs on a 110 VAC power (220 VAC available) and is fully operational through a lighting board dimmer circuit. The Silent Storm® propels confetti, not streamers.

Weight: 152 Lbs.
Size: 44” L X 20” W X 45” H
Lighting Board Connectivity: Yes
Cannon Barrel Size: 8" Diameter
Support Equipment: Electrical Cords/Variable Speed Control Box Remote
Actuation: Remote
Shipping Method: UPS/Any Freight Company
Shipping Container: Built-in ATA Case
Confetti Load Capacity: Approx. 15-20 Lbs.
Attendant: No
Effects: Continuous Flow
Truss Mountable: Yes
Type of Confetti:
Rectangles and Squares: Yes/Bulk
Snow Cut: Yes/Bulk
Pixi Dust: No
Leaf Confetti: Yes/Bulk
Large Cut Confetti: Yes/Bulk
Streamers: No

Variable speed 110 VAC up to 14 Amp draw
Connectors: 110 VAC Edison Connector
Lighting Board Connectivity: Yes

Product Information

Artistry in Motion Silent Storm In Use

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