Blunderbuss Replica

Blunderbuss With Bayonet Replica

Bolt Action Hunting Rifle Replica

Breakdown Rifle Replica

Charleville Replica

Winchester Golden Boy Replica

Henry 1860 Replica

Les Mis Replica

M1 Carbine Replica

M1 Garand Replica

Pump Pellet Replica

Remington 700 PSS Replica

Henry Gray 1860 Lever Action Replica

Winchester Lever Action Replica

Important Legal Information

Replica firearms (firing and non- firing) and non-firearm weapons:

Possession of firearms, replica firearms, edged weapons over five inches and most other imitation weapons are illegal in NYC except for Theatrical purposes. As a properly licensed company, a valid invoice/packing list from J&M Special Effects is proof of legal possession for a theatrical, film or photographic purpose.