EMF Heartford Birdhead 357

EMF Hartford 357

Enfield Mark 1

H&R Model 676 22 (Non Firing)

H&R Model 949 32 (Non Firing)

S&W Victory

S&W 10-5 Rubber handle

S&W 10-5

S&W Snub

S&W 64

S&W Baby 22 (Non Firing)

S&W 10-4

S&W 10-5 38 Grip Handle

S&W 10-8 3

S&W 10-8

S&W 10

S&W 65 .357

S&W 455

S&W Victory

Taurus 38 Special

Taurus 82

Taurus 85 38 Special 3

Taurus 85

Webley Mark IV

Important Legal Information

ATF Regulated Weapons are items that started as actual firearms under Federal Regulations and so are still treated as such under Federal Law despite modifications (if any) made to them so that they fire blanks. There are three classes of Regulated Weapons with different requirements:

Handgun rental requires:

A New York State Driver’s License. In the absence of NYSDL, a current Drivers License or photo ID from another state, Federal ID card or passport in conjunction with a current utility bill in your name or lease showing a New York address, may be used to establish your identity and residency in NY State.

The customer is also required to complete and sign a Federal Firearms Transfer record (form 4473) and will be screened by telephone through the FBI National Instant Criminal computer check system (NICS). This takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes, but system delays sometimes can take longer—up to three days.

Upon clearing the FBI NICS check, a Weapons Specialists Ltd invoice is issued showing the firearms’ serial numbers and descriptions. The invoice must accompany the firearms at all times until return to J&M Special Effects.

A certificate of Insurance and a copy of the Notes on Theatrical Firearms use must be on file.