When you need to produce a dramatic and powerful fog effect, the Le Maitre LSG is ""The Real Thing"". When used with a Le Maitre G300 Fog Machine or PFI 9D, the LSG’s patented CO2 conditioning process produces a huge, continuous output of low-lying fog. The LSG can achieve many impressive effects including fog curtains and waterfall effects.


Molecular Fluid for G300 of PFI 9D & Liquid CO2 for LSG (ask about the specific units compatibility with CO2 Siphon tanks, or Dewars),


Ducting hose, DMX pocket console, extension hoses, floor pop-ups, Dewar mufflers

Power Requirements

LSG: 120V, 2 amps, (50/60 Hz)
G300: 120V, 20 amps (50/60 Hz)
PFI 9D: 120V, 13 amps (50/60 Hz)

Kit Includes

Power Fog Industrial 9D or G300 Fog machine, Manual Remote, and Case

Product Information

"LSG" Low Smoke Generator In Use

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