Fakin' it, snow dressing products and materials:

J&M carries over 20 different kinds of snow. Whether you need falling, drifting, sparkling, slushy, frosty, icy, chunky, glossy or just down right cold snow, we can make it happen. Call and talk to one of our experienced staff members about what you would like to do and we'll help you pick the product (or combination of products) best suited to your needs! J&M also specializes in providing on site snow effects. We can roll up with a truck full of equipment and and turn a hot July day in the park into a winter wonderland (and take it all back to normal too)! Check out samples of our snow dressing and effects work for some of our clients like Banana Republic and J.Crew here!

Polymer Ice Small

Polymer Snow with Water

Snobiz - Bio Snow Fine

Snobiz - Bio Snow Regular


Clear Flakes

Display Snow Fine

Display Snow Medium

Epsom Salt



Irridescent Flakes

Paper Snow Punched

Papercut Snow .5.75

Papercut Snow .25

Polymer Ice Large

Shredded Polystyrene

Polymer Snow

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