For creating a long lasting haze to enhance your lighting effects, the ATMOSPHERE APS range is the ultimate in silence and efficiency. The ATMOSPHERE APS system uses CO2 as a propellant, which creates the smallest possible particles (between 0.5 and 0.7 microns in diameter). The smaller particles also reduce the amount of fluid consumed and create haze with the longest hanging time available. Super-quiet operation means that no one in the audience will even know that it is operating. These are the reasons that ATMOSPHERE APS haze generators are used on the majority of both Broadway and West End productions.


MDG Neutral Fluid


CO2 gas tank, CO2 regulator, AF-1 Jem Fan, Bowens Jet Stream Fan, RE III fan, DMX Control unit

Power Requirements

120V, 6.5 amps (50/60hz)

Product Information

MDG Atmospheres In Use

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