A Showmaker is a unique, patented machine which is easily hung over a window display, theatrical stage, Christmas tree, dance floor or just about anywhere indoors. If you are a shop owner, you can make a snowing window display a seasonal tradition for your all customers to enjoy and experience. A Showmaker will dispense and easily drop all the confetti and snow type products you see on this website and more! There are 53 - 2” holes on the bottom of every new machine which gives you control over how fast the ProShowmaker dispenses the snow or confetti. The snowfall is a gentle falling effect. Our snow material falls steady and evenly, and square confetti, fall leaves, or flower petals more of a random fall.
A ProShowmaker comes with hardware, metal hanging rings built-in to each corner of the machine so it can be hung easily and in the most challenging areas.

One ProShowmaker is recommended for every 4 to 5 feet of display or stage area.
Different snow and confetti can be used in the same machine.
It weighs just 3 pounds empty and holds 3 pounds of snow so it’s very easy to handle and install.
Typically, it takes about 5 min. to refill a ProShowmaker!