Storming - Fog and Smoke opens Act II
tale of Two Cities - Soup Cart
Tale of Two Cities - Graveyard Ground Fog
Recalled to Life - Atmospherics in opening scene
tale of Two Cities - Smokey Background
tale of Two Cities - Arch of Clouds and Ground Fog
Tale of Two Cities - firearms
tale of Two Cities - Smoke and Fans in the air

A Tale of Two Cities Premiers on Broadway Fall 2008
Hershfeld Theater NY, NY


Director: Warren Carlyle
Set Designer: Tony Walton
Lighting Design: Richard Pilbrow
Photos: Gregory Meeh & Jeremy Chernick


This epic show is designed to have a classical look and feel. Much of the show is quite hazy and smokey with many scenes highlighted with moments of area specific and cue specific cryogenic low lying-fog. The production also features customized cannon shots, weapons, and snow.

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